MoLuv, a range of bold and brightly coloured chunky mohair knits inspired by the joyful nostalgia of childhoods gone by, reflecting a playful sensibility. 

MoLuv launched in the Summer of 2019, born out of a long-cherished love for luxurious knits.  Motivated by admiration of our wardrobe knits and encouragement from those held dear, so began our journey in sourcing mohair, one of the world’s most beautiful sustainable natural fibres, both insulating and comfortable while dedicating ourselves to perfecting patterns in creating sumptuous knitwear that evoke an artisanal feeling without compromising on style and simple elegance.
Our mohair is farmed in the Karoo area of the Eastern Cape, where majestic shaggy Angora goats are hand shorn twice a year with no harm to them. The naturally lustrous fleece undergoes a process of hand combing, hand spinning and dyeing, encouraging a uniqueness to every knitwear we produce. 
Drawing inspiration from natures landscapes, each knit an expression of dynamic colour revealing its alluring essence in all her boldness. Our oversized oh-so-comfy knits are for all seasons, perfect for those casual sunny days out shopping at the market or fun evenings out on the town with your besties or simply cuddling up by the fire on those cold winter nights. 
We embrace slower traditional methods of creation and each MoLuv jersey and cardigan is hand knitted and hand stitched in small batches by skilled women within our local communities, so no two pieces are identical nor perfect, each carrying quirky aspects of the knitter herself who has spent hours weaving love into every stitch.
When you purchase a MoLuv knit you will not only experience the uniqueness embedded in every stitch enwrapping you in warmth and comfort making those cooler months memorable, but you will be making a positive impact on the planet through investing in sentimental heirloom pieces worth loving and sharing for years to come, contributing to the long-term prosperity of the Karoo region.
Mors Design is committed to slow fashion, skills development and creating sustainable jobs thereby empowering and uplifting communities - MoLuv embraces the ethos of our brand with a warm hug. 

Caring for your jersey

Your MoLuv jersey has been hand crafted in Cape Town South Africa. It will last a lifetime if treated with care. Hand wash in warm water. Dry flat