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MoLuv Jerseys

Mors Design presents the MoLuv Jerseys, a range of mood-boosting knitwear crafted for those seeking comfort blended with elegance.

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Wrap yourself in comfort and elegance with our MoLuv Jerseys, a collection that effortlessly transitions across seasons while adding a stylish flair to your everyday ensemble.

Sustainable Elegance

Our creations are born from a profound respect for the environment, designed to reduce our carbon imprint while enhancing your wardrobe's elegance.

A little more about the brand

Emerging in 2015 from the picturesque locale of Cape Town, Mors Design is an ode to elegant silhouettes and a commitment to sustainable design. With every creation, we strive to push the boundaries of conventional fashion, offering a unique collection that stands at the nexus of aesthetic allure and ethical creation.


MoLuv is a range of bold and brightly coloured chunky mohair knits inspired by the joyful nostalgia of childhoods gone by, reflecting a playful sensibility. 

MoLuv was born out of a long-cherished love for luxurious knits. Motivated by admiration of our wardrobe knits and encouragement from those held dear, so began our journey in sourcing mohair, one of the world’s most beautiful sustainable natural fibres, both insulating and comfortable while dedicating ourselves to perfecting patterns in creating sumptuous knitwear that evoke an artisanal feeling without compromising on style and simple elegance.

Cape Town brand Mors was founded in 2015, born out of a love for beautiful silhouettes and a passion for sustainable design.

In recognising the beauty and durability of old tyre tubes we began our journey of rescuing raw material from landfills and dedicating ourselves to creating elegant products that don’t compromise on style, sustainability or ethics.

Mors bags are made from upcycled tyre tubes, encouraging uniqueness to every bag we produce. Once the tyre tubes arrive at our studio in Cape Town, they undergo a thorough cleaning process in preparation for the hand-cutting and adapting of this once thought to be defected waste material into creating a ‘treasure’ with true character.

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